Tracey Marshall

Phoenix AZ entrepreneur, eccentric, lab queen.

I started Stay Zen CBD because I, myself, needed a dependable and quality vendor from whom to purchase CBD products.  Unhappy with what I was finding on the market, I started my own company with high standards and a lot of love.

My products contain 0.0% THC, are made with non-GMO organic ingredients, and are HOLISTICALLY PRICED.

  • I spent 13.5 years in the Air Force Reserve (they were a little confused by me the whole time)

  • I'm a cat person. No wait, a dog person.  No wait, an equal opportunity lovey squishy squirmy kisses balls of fur person. 

  • I was born under a balsamic moon.  Probably why I'm such a morning person.
  • I love doing aerial acrobatics.  Poorly....but I'm working on that.

  • Ikigai - Japanese - "reason for being" is my motto and I strive to keep something in my life that gives me a reason to get up every day and be amazing.

  • Ubuntu - Zulu - "I am because we are" is a close second and really speaks to my feeling that when you raise up someone else, you bring yourself up at the same time.

  • Which brings me to Hotei and the Buddhist philosophy that you should be good for the sake of good and not to reap a reward in the next life (in whatever terms that means to your practice). Just. Be. Good.

  • Ask me a question about anything.  If I know the answer I'll tell you.  If I don't, I'll look it up for you.  Let's learn shit.

  • I should also probably mention that I've been married 20+ years to the most amazing archaeologist that has ever archaeologisted.

  • Finally: coffee; stripes; coffee; chocolate; wine; dessert; coffee; and hugs.

A few things about me....