Our Products - One World

We strive to use the highest quality ingredients in our products in order to provide the best healing & aromatherapy to you..
What sets our ingredients apart?
Raw, free trade, organic shea butter
We buy our shea directly from an importer.  This cuts out at least one supply chain step, which then cuts out a middle-man markup -  making the end product cheaper for you.  The shea butter is raw, which means it has had no mechanical processing - this is great because processing removes properties that make shea butter great for your skin.  The importer we use is a woman-owned small business with direct ties to the village in Ghana where the product is made.  The village of Savelugo-Yong, Ghana is continuing an age-old custom of shea production , empowering local women & bringing money back into the village instead of to a corporation.  The village's shea trees are not cultivated in a farm, but rather grow naturally in the bush for all villagers to access, so no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used.  And no chemicals are used during the making of the butter - just water, heat, and a lot of man power.  Finally, for each 10lbs of shea butter we buy, a pair of shoes is donated by the importer to the village.
Organic, extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil
We buy our coconut from a certified organic farm in the Philippines.  Just like shea butter, processing can remove the healthy properties of coconut oil.  Our coconut oil is unrefined - meaning it is simply cold-pressed and bottled.  Because we do not use chemicals in our products, it is also very important to us to buy from a company whose products are non-GMO.  Additional it is delivered to us in a recyclable, BPA-free container.
Local organic beeswax
We buy our beeswax from a hive owner located within 50 miles of our location.  Because we drive a fuel-efficient company vehicle over to them to pick up our beeswax, all but the most minimal of "shipping" costs are gone.  We turn over the savings to you!  The bees in these hives feed on mesquite and alfalfa, producing a beautiful, naturally bright yellow wax.  No colorants, additives or chemicals are added to change the wax.  The only processing is heating the wax to strain it and then pour it into a mold (it looks like a giant yellow cheese when cooled!)
Non-nano zinc oxide
Cold-pressed therapeutic grade essential oils
We do not use any colorants or chemicals in our products, ever.
All products are made onsite in small batches with artisanal care and crafting.